Wednesday, November 10, 2010

...a face you may never know...

So today at the kid's home there was a lot of excitement because they had gotten gifts from their sponsors in the United States. The little kids were so enthralled with new pencils, sharpeners, and NEW coloring books while the older kids were outside playing with their new balls. Several of the kids were writing letters to their sponsors (I guess they do it a few times per year) and it was soooo incredibly cool to be on the other side of that letter. My mom has always, since I can remember, sponsored a child in another country and has received letters and photos from her sponsor child through the years. We read about how old the child is, their favorite color, their birthday, and what they enjoy doing. My mom has always dreamed of having the opportunity of meeting that sweet face that she receives letters from. 

Today, I was helping/reading what the kids were writing in those same letters to those families, much like mine, who has chosen to give their money to a child they may never meet. So...this post is for you - sponsor families, who have committed to send a monthly donation to a child somewhere in the world - you are making a difference. Though you may never meet your child or ever really get to know where your money is going - there are children benefitting from your small sacrifice somewhere in the world and seeing the smiles on the kids faces today was truly priceless. I would love more than anything to shoot an e-mail to the sponsors of these kids at the children's home I go to (some you see below), and just let them know that their sponsored child is a precious gift to my life and that I am so thankful for their commitment to help them financially. I would love to tell them how much the gifts mean they received today, and how they get excited for dinner because they have good food to eat, and how smart they are, and how good they are at shooting marbles, etc. So thank you out there, whoever you are, that sponsor the kids from Vida y Libertad Casa Hogar and also all you who sponsor kids through other ministries - thank you. Just take a look at these sweet faces below and see my purpose for this post...


  1. That was really sweet.. it is so neat that you get to see the impact that it is making.

  2. All those children are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this...what a blessing :)