Saturday, November 6, 2010 a guy named Guy, thanks for the holiday...

Can you see my name??!
Well I celebrated my first English holiday - Guy Fawkes Day - which always involves a bonfire, and usually a small man (made from newspaper), which gets burned over the fire. He tried to burn down their parliament or something...? Anyways, it was at the house of a missionary family, who has just started a new church that I am attending, and small group. So it was a great time with hot dogs over the fire, with extra big buns filled with typical honduran toppings - mayonnaise, ketchup, slaw, onion - and the only gringo-addition to the dogs - chili. They were delicious! Finished off by smores and oreos. Great night of fellowship. 

 Check out this view!!! The lights in the background is our city - Siguatepeque - pretty awesome huh?!

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