Monday, June 6, 2011

...must-do things before leaving Honduras...

The ones that have been bolded have been done! Photos below from the different events.... so far 19/28 - we got work to do!
  • Go to the zoo by the lake
  • Eat at Taco Bellys - best chimichangas EVER!
  • Visit the other side of the lake and see the damn
  • Go to Cayos Cochinos
  • Visit armory downtown
  • Go to the new grocery store - Los Olivos/La Colonia
  • Eat cu-bobs at Via Verde
  • Friday night movie in the Sigwa theatre
  • Go camping
  • Make coconut chicken
  • Rent futbolito court and play with teachers
  • Teguc - sushi and art museum
  • Play paintball with everyone
  • Football game in Sigwa stadium
  • Fish Tacos
  • Eat at Queen Burger
  • Have an all spanish night (movie and talking)
  • Visit Mennonite community - buy cheese/ice cream (maybe a bunny) hehe
  • Be coffee farmers for a day at Becky's coffee farm - 1/2 highlight
  • Jesus Statue in Teguc
  • Poker Night at the house
  • River @ Rhondas
  • Climb the tower at Providence
  • Make it through all 11 movies on our "Movies to Watch" list
  • Hike to the waterfall near sigwa
  • Punta Sal - monkeys & snorkleing
  • Make red beans & Coconut rice Tela style
  • Eat fish @ the lake after kids home on wednesday
Cayos Cochinos!
Jesus Statue in Teguc
When we visited the Mennonite Community,and bought Val
Coconut Chicken night!
Futbol match in the Sigwa stadium complete with fire bombs

Sushi in Teguc!
snorkeling in Punta Sal

Spanish Embassy Art Museum in Teguc
The Zoo

Picking coffee!

Hike to waterfall in Sigwa with small group peeps
futbolito with teachers

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