Friday, June 10, 2011

... Sponsor a Chicken Project ...

Welcome to the "Sponsor a Chicken" Project for VBS! 

Thank you for taking the time to check this opportunity out to really make a direct impact on kids lives! Okay let me tell you a little about what you would be getting involved with! The children's home I volunteer at is looking to start a "chicken project" - where they would build 2 chicken coops like the one in the picture below. These hens would lay almost 40 eggs PER DAY! The three main staple foods for the kids at the home are rice, beans, and eggs - so this would save them a lot of money every week and provide extra food! Also, this project would teach the kids so many good lessons because they would be caring for the chickens - they will learn responsibility because they will be in charge of caring for them, feeding them, gathering eggs, packaging the eggs, and more! If you have ever taken a mission class or been on a mission trip you would know that as we are there to serve people, we also need to teach them and equip them to help themselves, so that they may provide for themselves and not rely on people to just come in and help them and provide for their every need. This is such a great opportunity to do that and to help them have a sense of pride as they are providing for one another! 

Soooooo - How can YOU help through attending Vacation Bible School, you ask?! We are asking kids to "Sponsor a chicken" - the ideal number is 40 hens and 2 roosters - and each hen costs $10 dollars. 

The photos below are from a "chicken project" started about 2 hours up into the mountains of Honduras in a village called "La Masica". They have about 4 coops and 80 hens laying eggs for their village. I visited there last year and could absolutely tell the impact this program has had on them. The kids and the adults were eager to walk me over to show me their coops and their chickens - they are very proud of them! They have been able to provide food their village through this program AND they take the eggs into a larger town to sale them to provide other things for the village! 

WHO would you be helping, you ask?! The children's home of Vida y Libertad (Life & Freedom) which has 40 amazing kids from ages 3 months - 18 years. These kids LOVE animals - they found a turtle recently and about 15 different times I was asked to go see the turtle they found. To have the opportunity to care for these chickens would be sooo exciting for them and give them such a sense of pride! Below are some photos of the kids...

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