Wednesday, August 17, 2011

...brining clean water, and the message of Christ...

A few weeks before the mission team came, our VBS mission project set out to help the kids home, they raised about $500 for the kid’s home to build a chicken coop and buy chickens. So, the group arrived on June 26 to the hot and mugginess of San Pedro Sula. We had lots of help picking them up and stopped at Pizza Hut on the way home for lunch. (I think I had Pizza Hut like 3 times in a week span!). The focus of the group was water filters, sewing and doing a VBS for the kids who lived at the kid’s home.

Each day, the group spent the morning in a village (think mud/cardboard houses, little sanitation projects, kids without shoes, the nicest people you’ll ever meet) and the afternoons at the kid’s home. In the villages, the group gave and did demonstrations on how to use the water filters they brought down, showed the women how to sew little bags and played with the kids. It was so cool to get out of Siguat for a bit and see how the majority of Hondurans lived. 

Lacy, Steve, Jordan, & Randi

Honduras is so beautiful!

Playing jump rope with some school kids
Futbol of course!

Drinking clean water!!!
Giving the water filter demonstration

In the afternoons we did VBS at the kid’s home. On the 1st night, all the kids got a present & seriously were they blessed! They each got SO MUCH STUFF! It was amazing! The kids were so excited and only wanted to play with their new toys and clothes for the rest of the night. I helped in the middle age group so it was fun to see the kids actually quiet and listening. 

On Saturday, we left for Copan Ruins, about a 5 hour drive from Sigwa but we knew it would be worth it. We had a nice ride through the mountains and finally arrived just in time for half of the group to go zip-lining. After that we wandered around downtown, did some necessary shopping and found a good place to eat. The next day we got up early for a great horseback ride up into the mountains into an indiginous community where we saw some Mayan ruins. We had a few problems with heat exhaustion and other issues but we made it safely back down with everyone! Then, again about half the group went to the larger Mayan Ruins tour area and really enjoyed it. It was a great trip and a nice way to end the week!
Having breakfast
The group!

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