Wednesday, August 17, 2011

...nicaragua, the short version...

After the group left, Jordan, Steph, Steve, Daniel, Ricky and I headed to Utila for a few days as a good bye trip! Utila is an island off Honduras and really, nothing like Honduras at all. I went there last year, right at the beginning of the year with Lindsay, Emily & Steph. We had a good time, but really it was just nice to be together again and reminisce about all the good times last year. Daniel and I got up early and did some diving while the rest of the crew hung out and went swimming. Ricky & Daniel left early, so the next day everyone else went kayaking and snorkeling. On Thursday morning we were on the boat back to the mainland and to say good bye to Steve.
Jordan & Daniel
Steve, me & Lacy
Best friends a girl could ask for: Lacy, Jordan, Daniel, Ricky, Steve & me
Kayaking out to snorkel

Most delicious place on the island, but HUGE portions!
Lovely traveling ladies!
Back to the mainland
We (Jordan, steph & I) ended up staying in Siguat on Thursday and went to see the kids for a little while because we had already began to miss them badly. On Friday, we were off again on a 10 hour bus ride to Nicaragua.

We spent a week in Nicaragua, but I wish it was longer. It seems like a really cool country, even if it might turn socialist. We stayed in Leon for about 3 days. The first day we just walked around and saw the sights of Leon. On Sunday we went volcano boarding! It was pretty AWESOME! The hike up the volcano was really hard but totally worth it. I highly recommend doing this! After volcano boarding we drove for like an hour to a lagoon that is in a volcano crater. This was also pretty cool!
Market in Leon
In front of the Cathedral

Our hostel
So many churches in Leon
On the way to the volcano
We hiked that & then sledded down it!

Our awesome group!
The lagoon

The next day we had to deal with immigration because I had some problems with her passport. I was only allowed to stay 5 days in Nicaragua and then 5 days in the CA-4 (countries surroundings Honduras). We were definitely staying for more than 5 days, so I decided it was best to travel to Managua (the capital) and get everything taken care of. We spent ½ the day in Managua at immigration but luckily I only paid $10 for an extension stamp to stay for another 30 days. After a lovely morning at immigration we headed to the bus station to go to San Juan del Sur, the beach about 40 minutes from the Costa Rica border.
Riding to Managua
We FINALLY made it- after a 5 hour bus ride- my worst bus ride EVER in Central America. But, we were there and stayed at an interesting hostel run by 2 young guys from NorCal. We had had enough of that after 1 night and moved to a super cute B&B run by Peppe from Italy. It was really fun and he was super nice and helped us a lot.
Caged at the Naked Tiger (our hostel)
View from the Naked Tiger
Our 1st day we went to the beach to try and surf, but the waves were so big! Think 5-8 feet! Even the good surfers were having trouble catching the waves, then it started raining so we just sat and watched for like 3 hours. Finally the tide started changing and we were able to surf (or practice) for a little while.

Our 2nd day we bummed around because it was raining again. Jordan and I ended up going on a fishing trip in the evening, which was totally misleading and ended up being a sunset cruise (in the rain, mind you). But luckily we had to british guys with us to keep us company and they were hilarious so we made the best out of it. 

Of course on our last day, the weather was actually nice! We debated staying another day, but had to get back to Siguat to get to Lindsay’s wedding. We traveled back, another 10 hour bus ride, but were VERY happy to get back and rest for a little while. The next day we went to the kid’s home and the wedding and spent the night say goodbye to some wonderful friends.
View of Siguat in the background
Aldo & Lindsay
On Sunday, we said our goodbyes at the kid;s home, which is the HARDEST thing I’ve ever had to do! I miss all the kids so much and it’s so hard to be away from them! We saw Harry Potter that night, then Jordan and I left. It was really sad saying goodbye to Steph, she def. got me through the last two years at some points and Imma miss her a TON! 
Steph and I couldn't leave without a 1 dollar Bachata CD (type of music) at the gas station!

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