Thursday, February 17, 2011

...student guesses at idioms...

Recently my students did an activity on english idioms that were new to them. They read it, then wrote what they thought it meant. Here are the results....

"Shes so wishy washy" -------- She is so flirty
"Keep your fingers crossed" -------- Get lucky!
"Hes down in the dumps" ------- He is a lunatic
"Lets go grab a bite" --------- Lets go and buy something
"She's driving me up the wall" --------- She is pulling on the wall
"Hold your horses" ------ Hold your impulses
"She's a couch potato" ---------- She is a good coach
"Get off my back" -------- Go away I don't want to see you
"My eyes were bigger than my stomach" ------ We imagine good but when we see it is better
"It will knock your socks off" -------- I'm going to hit you
"You're up the creek without a paddle" ------- Someone don't speak anything

"Try not to jump the gun" -------- Don't shoot yourself on your own foot

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