Sunday, February 20, 2011

... favorite memories from throughout the year ...

  • (went and saw the kids today at the home, interesting things that happened:) A 3rd grade boy read to me for his h/w and every word he sang like it was a song, A 5 year old talked to me about why I should not drink coffee at night b/c I won't be able to sleep, A 3 yr old tiny girl didn't want me to leave so when I looked down at her, she had the end of my shirt in her mouth and wouldn't open her mouth to let go.
  • (9th grade girl says, in front of our 62 yr old english teacher...) "Miss Lacy, and Mr. Bill, they say there is no age with love."
  • (playing basketball, Yosmely, 7th grade girl - every time she would shoot the ball she would yell...) Mike-all Yordan!!! I was the only one laughing though - they had no idea. 
  • Miss Lacy to 7th graders "So what do you think the definition for mustache is?" .... 7th grade girl "Miss, I wrote a beard under your nose?"
  • 9th grade boy constantly irritating 9th grade girl asking her how to spell things because her english is really good ..... "Faviana, how do you spell....and how do you spell...and...." (girl)"AHHHH JUST SOUND ... IT ... OUT!!!"
  • The 9th graders COVERED their whiteboard in their classroom with notes and messages to Mr. Bill and to Juan, with funny memories and encouraging words. I didn't have to heart to erase it, so didn't use the board for 2 days. 
  • Oct. 12th - This past week, after all that happened, I was playing worship music while the kids were working, then slowly they started singing a long... louder... and louder... and louder until they were all singing like it was church - I didn't even care if they were still doing their work it was awesome just worshiping with them in class! 
  • Oct 14th - One of my students did a 1 minute improv speech about "love at first sight" ... he ended up confessing (for the first time ever) that he had felt love at first sight with one of the girls in the class - it was adorable, and very brave! 
  • October 14th - 7th grade girl "Miss, I use to HATE basketball and think it was very boring, but now you taught us to play, I love it and it is fun" ---great reminder why I do what I do! 
  • 7th grader's response to me when I told him he couldn't go to the bathroom during class ... "But Missssss, I don't want to make pee in my pants today in front of the class"
  • Mayra trying to use the phrase "You woke a sleeping dragon" in the dodgeball game, but instead just started yelling out - you wake me up now, you WAKE ME UP!
  • When Carlos saw his dog outside the fence during PE trying to "get with" a street dog (quite persistently might I add) and he started yelling "GO NEGRO, YEAHHHH YEAHH!" --- then the class saw and started dying laughing. 
  • Erasmo telling me "good night" every time I see him because he still isn't sure how to say "good afternoon"
  • Me - "Hey guys do you remember what the name is of the people that sew for a profession?" ------- Sewlady, Sewman, Sewperson, Sewingist, etc....then one boy says "Miss, I know!!!! GRANDMAS!!!" 

this list is "to be continued" throughout my year...

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