Saturday, March 12, 2011

...sleepin over...

Steph and I have been talking to the oldest girls from the children's home about having a sleepover at our house one weekend and it just kept getting pushed back. So last weekend we planned a day and started getting ready for them! Me/Steph were excited about it all week - made a special trip to the market to pick up all our menu items and a bunch of cokes! When we got there to pick them up they were ready outside, bags and pillows in hand! There was 8 of them and we made pizza, Facebooked, watched YouTube videos and danced, watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 AND 2,  made cookies & pancakes. It was soooo fun! They LOVED making their own pizzas - we just put a bunch of ingredients on the table and made our dough and let them have at it - we filled up 2 ovens full of pizzas and they were gone quick! We also went through 4- 2Liter cokes in just a couple of hours!! The next morning we got up and made pancakes and every one of them drank coffee, haha - and they asked us if they could stay longer and watch another movie and we couldn't say no - so we ended up taking them back to the home  around 1:00. 

I think that the girls had a great time because they don't get to do things like that very often. The next morning, they were all so sweet and one of them even said that they didn't want to go back home and said that even though we are different and don't even speak the same language that we can be good friends - oh goodness its gonna be hard to leave them! Pictures, enjoy........

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  1. That looks like the girls had so much fun. I think that will be a weekend they will never forget. God Bless You!