Saturday, April 2, 2011

...counting down...

This is a pretty exciting time and there is a lot coming up soon that I am really looking forward to! Because our "spring break" was soooo late this year, we have all kinda  been dying for a break and taking advantage of doing some fun things on weekends and trying to stay sane! But here are some things coming up that I can't wait for....

Starting swimming class - I get to go here every day for nearly 2 hours!! Lucky!

Sunday: Going to Tela with a group of Honduran from a local school to feed the needy and give out food to them! Then we get a couple hours of beach time!
beach in Tela

Wednesday: 2nd Annual Spelling Bee - since I am the spelling teacher, I have picked 2 students from each class to participate! 
last year's winners with steph's mom

 Thursday/Friday: 2nd Annual Guys/girls Futbol Tournament at local bilingual school....

April 15th - My 2nd Annual Mini-Olympics Event (I have to plan an olympic day for the whole school with 8 different events and 8 different groups/ages! Lets just say I am a happy girl when its over!) 

April 16-22 - SPRING BREAK IN COSTA RICA!!!!!! Now this is what we have REALLY been waiting for! I get to go with Stephanie and her Momma since my family isn't coming to see me this year!! We have been talking about it so much and we really can't wait! I know they have planned LOTS of fun activities for us - surfing, volcanoes, beaches, horseback riding, and more! AHHHH I am really gonna need this vacation after Mini Olympics! Can't wait!! 2 Weeks!

April 22-24 - After we get back to Honduras from Costa Rica, we are taking a 2 day trip back to the Copan Ruins! I went on an educational trip last year, but am excited about going back on my own to see it again! 


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