Sunday, April 10, 2011 unexpected beach trip...

On Sunday, all the girls- except Lindsay (who was hanging out with her fiance), went to the beach. Robin met some people from an English school at a student's birthday party. They seemed pretty nice & invited her to the beach, so in turn, she invited all of us. She said we were going to hand out food/clothes to some poorer villages by Tela (the beach) then go to the beach for a bit. So, we all get up to be ready for the bus to come get us at 5am- (awesome, right). When we get on the bus, there is already about 40-50 people on the school bus, so we head to the back & sit 3 a seat. The back of the bus was already rowdy, even at 5:30am! The kids in the back didn't stop talking! They were crazy.

About 9am we roll up to Tela- a new local beach that we haven't been to before. We parked right in front of a church, so we thought when we would be giving out food there. But, when we were getting of the bus, the director of the school said to meet back at the bus at 3:30pm. So finally we asked some one & it was really just a beach day! We paid 200 lempira to go on the trip & apparently that was the fundraiser to then buy food/clothes for the people who needed it. Things got lost in translation, even though it was in English :)

So, we hung out at the beach from 9:30 - 3:30 on Sunday & it was AMAZING! The water was clear and just cool enough to be refreshing. We laid out & hung out in the water all day. The only thing I don't really like about Tela, is that it is pretty much just for locals - so they aren't use to seeing americans. So all day we got cat called, stared through, and even some guys had the _____ to take pictures of us laying out!! (I was real close to getting the mase out a couple of times). However -- It was a much needed break & relaxation that everyone needed. 

little boys playing/dancing punta for money

pan de coco - good part about the coast!

riding close!!

self-made changing station b/c it cost 10L (.50 cents) to use one!

all the girls!

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