Wednesday, October 27, 2010

...try this taco...yum, whats in it?...liver & lungs...ummp (its def culture day!)

Every year there is a cultural fair at our school where the 7th-9th graders build "champas" or like little huts - they are all split into about 12 different "districts" of Honduras and their champa has to represent that place and sell their typical food. Its amazing how quickly these things go up - on Thursday after school, they begin. Mom/Dads back their trucks up full of bamboo sticks, banana trees, coffee plants, palm tree leaves, and more! Most kids work until 6:00pm that night, and then all morning Friday morning. The festivities started around 10:00am on Friday.

This year, a few of us english teachers got to help be judges - so we walked around to each hut and they gave us their informative speech about their "district" and told us about their typical foods,etc. There were two parts we decided to take advantage of - we would first ask them if they had any typical food we could try to get a better idea of the culture, hehe - and, that part of the grade was posing for a picture, because if we hadn't said that, it would have been pulling teeth to take all of their pictures together, haha.

So it was fun - a great part was lunch time - we all got together and decided we would all get different food/treats from different districts and all share! So we gathered around our table and just passed stuff around - some things we had included - sweet tamales, chicken tamales, coconut cookies, coconut bread, fish, plantain fries, pork rhines, yuka, liver/lung tacos, sweet squash, sugar cane, chocolate bean (caocao), and more! It was great (see pic)

 the liver/lung taco meat

                           one of the nastier typical foods

So at the end of the day, we had gotten all our pictures marked our grade sheets, then they annouced the winner, and they tore it ALL down. Its amazing how much work and materials go into this day, and how quickly they destroy it all, kinda sad! But enjoy the photos, it was one of my favorite days last year, and this year beat it!

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