Wednesday, October 20, 2010

...a much needed day away...

As most of you know we have had a bit of a rough last week or so in our school community. Started off with one of our other american teachers not showing up for work on Monday...then tuesday...then wednesday, so the American Embassy was called and they have taken over. We have no information at all about his whereabouts but we are certain God is in control of the situation even when we are clueless!

So by the weekend, we needed to get away - so our good friend Katherine stepped in. She is another english teacher at a different bilingual school in town and has been here several years. She is also from England, I always wanted an english friend, haha. So what did we all want .... american chain restaurant food - so we hit up Pizza Hut in Comayagua (45 mins). We took about 20 minutes to decide what we wanted (too many choices when you want everything), and planning to have leftovers - thats a funny thing - when we go to restaurants that we don't get to have much - we always "over-order" so that we can have it a few more times that week. The best part of the meal however was at the end when Katherine pulled the ole "I'm going to the bathroom, but realllly to tell the waiter that it is your birthday" trick. So there they came, tambourine and all. The funniest part is that Kathreine told Rachel she had to dance with them, that is how they do birthdays there. So...the champ she is, stepped up to a handsome young waiter who was excited about dancing with the red headed gringa! haha. (see video for the real deal).

After that we went downtown and took a tour of the oldest clock in Central America, it was really neat. Walked up these tiny stairs to the top of the bell tower. Comayagua use to be the capitol of Honduras so it has a lot of history behind it, and the cathedral there is amazingly beautiful! So yes, after a stroll around downtown, we went for our next guilty pleasure that we never get to enjoy - Baskin Robbins! haha. So then we jumped back in the car for our 45 min drive back to Sigwa. I'm thinking another trip soon though, 45 minutes for Burger King is totallly worth it in my book! 

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