Saturday, October 9, 2010

...a little update for the mission team...

This post is especially for the group from my church that came down this past June for a mission trip. They did several work projects at my school and I just wanted them to see what was going on now! Here is the final project of the infamous wall you tackled while here! Two volunteers from Canada came down and finished these letters last week. The work you all did here started a domino effect and they have been fixing our school up, painting the inside walls and landscaping and more, it looks sooooooo much better than before and even better than most other schools in Siguatepeque now! Thank you SO MUCH for starting this!! I pray the Lord continues to bless each of you for the time/money you spent to help our school and our students. 

 I also wanted to put up some pictures of the 3 little ones from the children's home that now get to go to our school (Josue, Fernando, and Laurena). They are learning quickly, but have had some behavior problems, but only because they are use to doing their own thing... BUT they are improving and def. learning more english and their new teachers are very understanding and patient with them! A women's ministry out of California is sponsoring them, hopefully all the way up until 11th grade!! (Stephanie's church).

Sam, I wanted you to see the palm tree outline that you started! Our library is so much more efficient now with all the work you ladies did in there!!

This is the corner my school is on (and my house!) - also you can see how much work the group did painting this whole wall!! What once looked like a prison, now is a beautiful school our students/parents can be proud of! My house is the part right on the corner there, then the rest is the school. 
Thanks again for all your hard work when you were here, it really did make a big difference in our school. The kids at the home have already been asking me if the group is coming back again this year!! I hope to see all of you again this June as we can serve others together in the name of our Savior! Love you guys!!!

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