Wednesday, September 29, 2010

45 days and changed lives - a visit to Honduras

Well my brother Ben, and his friend Austin left Honduras on Monday. They both were laid off their military orders mid-August, so they picked up and moved to Honduras. I was able to set them up with a sweet friend of mine that God has used to build a school for the poor children in our area and a children's home as well. She had extra space so they lived with her on their school's campus. The boys worked at the school doing computer work and assisting classes. When they weren't doing that, they were spending time the the kids at Rhonda's children's home (Destino Del Reino) or going with me to a different children's home to help kids with homework and different things.

In 45 short days, they were able to hear amazing stories of God's faithfulness and how he is providing for this amazing ministry. They were able to see first hand, miracles of God at work. On the last night, there was a meeting for all staff and parents of students at the school. The boys were asked 5 minutes before it started if they would give a brief word of testimony about their lives. After talking to both of them, they said it was like they weren't even speaking - the holy spirit was active in their lives at that moment as they shared struggles from their past and how God brought them out of their sin and into his freedom. Rhonda said she spoke with some of the staff the next day and that several people were truly touched from hearing their testimony. Because really, who wants to sit there and listen to a Christian talk about how easy and perfect their life is and how they don't continue to struggle with sin after they become Christians? Not to say God doesn't use those people, he does. But when a Christian can stand in front of people that believe they are too far gone for God to love them, and think that because they are tempted and struggle with sin that they could never be Christians, and can they be transparent with them about their own struggles - they can relate and understand and realize God's grace is available for anyone. I am very proud of them for what they did that night, I know it touched lives and gave people a different perspective of our all loving God.

I know Ben/Austin fell in love with their students in the short time they were here as well. After meeting kids that live here and grow up in this difficult environment, where they begin selling food and random things in the market and on the sides of the road at the age of 6, it gives you a different perspective on life in general, but especially YOUR life. It is hard not to have a hard heart towards people in the states that are just so consumed with materialism and selfishness - it is like they are completely unaware of anything outside themselves. I know I struggle with being angry with people like that, but I just need to remember that God has a plan for their lives too and hope their eyes are opened to a different world before this one consumes them. I continue to thank God for giving me this opportunity to serve in Honduras as I learn so much about living and serving Him.

Here are some photos from the last night with the kids in Rhonda's childrens home.

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