Saturday, September 11, 2010 serving other kids, on Kid's Day...good stuff.

This past friday was a national holiday "Children's Day." All over the country schools are celebrating with their students with piñatas, cakes, candy, and no classes! Our kids ... got a different perspective. We took all our high school kids up to a school in the mountains that only had two classrooms, one for grades 1-5, an the other for grades 6+. There were probably about 60 kids in this school, all different ages. 

My Home Ec class (pic) made 6 sort-of-nice piñatas for the celebration and we brought tons of candy bags, balloons, face paint, lunch, soda, and cakes! We got there, gathered up all the kids and played some games all together, had a bible story, skits, and then broke up into small groups and did some more activities, the piñatas, and lunch. What an awesome way to get our kids involved serving their own community on a holiday that is suppose to be for them! I would love to say all, but MOST of our kids where great with the other children, helping and playing with them and just trying to get smiles. I was so proud of them and loved celebrating the holiday with them! 

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