Monday, December 13, 2010

...I'm not counting or anything...

Things I am anxiously awaiting for in 
east TN...

-my family - just being completely myself with them like i can't be with most ppl
-my friends - especially my best!!! :)
-a soft mattress
-staying up late watching TV with mom
-making fun of my parents with my brother/sister
-driving safely
-eating out
-UT football game
-new years
-Passion 2011, ATL
-my home church!!
-HOliday food!!
-a fire in the fireplace
-mom making coffee for me :)
-the milky coffee mate creamer
-water pressure in the shower
-the dish washer!
-going to sleep w/out the sound of fireworks outside my window
-matching Christmas Pajamas 
-cracker barrel
-Chronicles of Narnia movie
-options of anything I want from the grocery store!
-indoor heating
........and soooo much more.........!! 5 more days!!!!

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