Tuesday, December 7, 2010

...the sigwa grinch won't hold us down...

*Christmas Parade Downtown*
(stolen tree pictured here)

Friday night was the annual Christmas parade which all the schools in town march in. We start outside of the town square and make our way into town throwing candy, playing christmas songs, and holding signs about our savior and his love for all people. It was a lot of fun, and it only got better after the march. We ate some pork chops which our 11th graders were selling and had some other typical foods. After that, we made our way up to the front of the stage just in time for the michael jackson impersonator came out on the stage - he was awesome. You could tell he didn't speak english but had memorized the words to the MJ songs he was dancing to. There was also a Shakira impersonator, some dancing group, a reggeton rapper, a hip hop group of 12 year olds, and to finish the night - a magician. It was an awesome night with some random but great entertainment finished off by the most dangerous fireworks I have ever witnessed. They set them of just a few feet away from the crown and several of them just blow up while still on the ground - its a odd thing to watch, a firework which you normally see explode in the air, explode on the road in front of you, but nobody else besides the gringos seemed to thing it was a problem. haha. The only disappoitment was to find out that a couple nights before the parade, somebody stole the town christmas tree - as seen above (a regular town grinch we have, I guess). So this year - no christmas tree, but still yet, doesn't change the meaning and feeling of Christmas in which we celebrate the birth of our risen Savior. Just one of those nights I stand in awe of this place God has put me and am so thankful for such a time as this. 
(high school english teachers)                                                         (our nativity float)

        (michael jackson impersonator)                           (gringos eating dinner _ we stood out)

(lindsay and her picky street dog)                                                   (watching/dodging fireworks)

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