Tuesday, December 7, 2010

...the rain poured harder as their smiles got bigger...


Last wednesday Daniel had the great idea to take the kids from the home down into town to a little soccer field, which is a very popular thing called "futbolito" here. It was the first time I got to hang out with the kids away from the home, it was so much fun! We had Daniel's truck and our 4runner and 21 kids and 3 adults. So we packed 24 people in two vehicles to go into town, it was crazy, I had kids everywhere!! The kids were SO excited to get to do this with us, and I was probably more excited than they were. We split up into three teams and just played if your team scores, you keep playing and a the other team comes on to play you. We had all the kids 6 yrs and older and I was so surprised at how good they were! 

For a little while it started pouring raining and me and daniel looked at each other like, well should we make them stop, but neither one of us had to heart to make them so they just kept running around getting soaking wet and screaming "que rico!!" which is just like "how fun!!" haha, I mean really, how could we have told them we had to stop playing b/c of the rain!? 

So we planned on staying about an hour and a half - ended up staying 3 hours and having a baleada and a bag-o-water. I've never seen kids so excited about a tortilla with beans on it and water in a bag. I heard one kid, after their team lost, he looked at his friend and said, "hey its ok!! lets go drink our water!" how cute is that. So yeah, it was basically an awesomely fun day with the kids and we really hope to do it more often with them! It was about  $30 bucks total and each kid got to have a baleada/water and to pay to rent the court so if anyone is interested in supporting a day of futbolito for the kids, that would be awesome!! Here are some pics from our day...

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