Wednesday, December 1, 2010

...lets eat a turkey, or three turkeys...

Thanksgiving Celebrations!!!
First celebration was about a month ago for the "Canadian Thanksgiving" - if you are like me, you didn't even know they celebrated a thanksgiving (copy cats, sorry guys). But yeah, it sounded like a great excuse to eat thanksgiving food - yeah thats right, they even eat the same food as us! (My canadian co-workers are starting to get offended so Ill stop). But it was a great celebration together! 

Second celebration was on American Thanksgiving Day! We had school, and I had a 7:30am class so I was kinda bummed most of the morning. During my first class, I shared with my students that it was Thanksgiving back home and what my family was doing and how I would love to be home with them, but just that I was still so thankful to be here with them. They oooooed and awwwwed at me, then all preceded to tell me Happy Thanksgiving. It made my day better. So after school, when everyone was done with their tutoring, we left to go up to a friends house. They are a missionary family from North Carolina and have recently started a church/small group I've been attending. They had already eaten earlier but had plenty of turkey, rolls, dressing, and more left over for us! So we ate a little or a lot, then played some 2-hand touch back yard football, it was a lot of fun. I was so happy we were actually able to celebrate on Thanksgiving, because we didn't really think we were going to be able to. Finished the night with a game of hand-and-foot and toss-the-pigs or something like that. Good time. 

The next celebration was on Saturday, after Thanksgiving thursday. We started cooking around 11:00am that morning. My roomies and I were all doing something different so it was fun to have a full kitchen. We had made a facebook group for people to write what they were bringing so we were hoping we would have enough food! In between the turkey cooking and my rolls proofing, Steph and I went a few blocks away for Kayla's Graduation. She is one of the older girls at the kids home and invited us to go to her graduation ceremony for 6th grade! In Honduras, ceremonies can be veryyyyyyyyy long and drawn out and we just had about an hour there so we were hoping to get to see her walk across the state, which we did RIGHT before we had to leave (seriously like within 5 minutes). Then we hurried back to the house to check the turkey and put the rolls in the oven before everyone starting arriving. We ended up having plenty of GOOD food. We had 4 Americans, 6 Canadians, 1 Honduran, and 1 Brit all in attendance so we were very spread out! But we feasted, then again when the desert came out. Robin mad the biggest chocolate cake I had ever seen combined with Rachel's pumpkin cheesecake. After dinner and tea, of course we had to play our staple game of Hand-and-Foot. You can see the pic of the card is my new tradition for my hand-and-foot cards, every time we play we write the date, place, score, and something funny that happened so I'll have a card pile full of memories for the years to come. So it turned out to be a great Thanksgiving season, not only did I get to celebrate 1 time, but 3 and I am so thankful for the relationships I have built here with so many people. 

                                                                               Kayla's Graduation!
                                                                                                                                                     Steph's 1st turkey!

                                                                                                                     our diverse crew!

              roomie Lindsay and her 12lbs of papas                          other roomies & Josh's burnt hand

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