Thursday, May 26, 2011

... after 2 years ...

The time has come - my LAST day as a teacher! I started thinking back to some of the hilarious moments in my teaching career here, some of the worst moment, and some of the moments I will never forget. I decided to make a list of things I will/won't miss:

Will Miss....
  • Standing in front of a room full of kids knowing whatever I say, they will most likely believe it to be true - how powerful
  • When I see them using things I've taught them outside of school or out of class
  • When I hear kids using spelling words they wouldn't have otherwise known about
  • When I try to be mad at them but then they say something so funny I just break and they laugh at how weak I am
  • When their broken english doesn't make sense, or even when it does make sense, just used in the most hilarious ways
  • When they say "shrimps" and "homeworks" and "drink a pill"
  • Coffee in the mornings to get me through the day
  • "Surprise Birthday parties" in the teachers lounge with Profe Norma's Tres Leches y Coca!
  • Donya Ketty's burritas.....and sin nombres....and lunches....especially hot dog day
  • Seeing the girls actually start trying and improving in PE despite the negative connotation women get here for being athletic. 
Won't Miss...
  • The bell that rings after lunch time when we all realize we have to get up off the couches and go teach again
  • 7:30 classes
  • Kids yelling "I'M FINISHED"
  • Civic hour when its hot outside and I'm still sleepy
  • 3-4 hour meetings where EVERY teacher has to say their opinion about everything (teachers way)
  • When I miss copy day and have to bribe Maribel to make my own copies
  • When 2-3 of the kids gang up on me and try to get under my skin
  • Writing lesson plans!!!

This list is definitely on-going for the next week or so - but I am both happy/sad to see tomorrow come. I really have enjoyed teaching, I never ever thought I would go down that road, but thats how God works a lot of ways. I felt his power and him equipping me all along the way - and it turned out to be a total life-changing, life-making journey. Through all the good and the bad - I will remember most the good and always be thankful for this season of my life. Gracias a Dios

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