Friday, May 13, 2011

...Copan, Honduras...

We flew back to Honduras on Saturday night- great decision because we got to surf in the morning and it left plenty of time to get to the airport, even with all the traffic. When the tickets were booked, we thought that we were back to school on Monday, so it would be nice to have a day to travel back to Siguatepeque and relax when we got there. A few weeks before Semana Santa we found out we got Monday off, because of some other random holiday- thus the Copan trip was born.

We spent the night in San Pedro on Saturday & then were up on Sunday to get the rental car at the airport. This reminded me that we were back in Honduras, because the rental car people weren’t there and were basically not worried about us as all. Anyways, we headed to Copan, luckily missed a bridge accident, and made it to Copan. The road there is super beautiful and actually an easy drive (for Honduran standards J ). Also on the Copan trip was another teacher, Rachel, a student teacher who was in Honduras for 2 weeks, Steph & her mom

When we got to Copan, we decided it would be fun to go horse back riding- and maybe see the sunset! We went on a 2 hour ride around the fincas (ranches) of Copan and even up to a Mayan hospital. It was super cool & our guide Honduran guide was really nice. Our horses were a little crazy and liked to run, but it was really fun!

The Mayan Ruins of Copan

On Monday morning, the group got up to go see the Macaw bird park, however, I had already been there so I went and found some typical breakfast and had a few cups of coffee and the food below in the pic as I did some reading and writing. Then we went to the Ruins where we got a guide to tell us all about the history of the Mayan ruins we were seeing. It’s pretty interesting & I guess the most ridiculous part is that the ruins are from like 400 AD. Sooooo old and it’s amazing that some of them are still standing!

my favorite typical food in central american - Honduran breakfast!!

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