Thursday, May 26, 2011

...Panacam minus the death hike...

Last weekend, most of the girl teachers headed to PANACAM- a national park near the lake for a little R&R and Candace’s B-day! We left on Saturday afternoon, caught a bus up to Los Pinos, where there is a very nice lodge and you can hike.
We played lots of card games, had a birthday song for Candace’s birthday & some girls went hiking on Sunday. I had done the hike before, so I didn’t feel like I needed/wanted to do it again because lets just be honest, it was terribly long and hard. But, Lindsay, Steph G$ and Candace were troopers and got up at 6am to hike before it got too hot. They made it back by the time the rest of us were done with breakfast and coffee :). After they got back a few of us when on a walk to a waterfall you could swim in and it was a lot of fun. The last time I went it was all muddy but it was nice and clear this time so we had to get in for some picture opps! It was a very relaxing weekend, its kinda nice to be in a place where there is nothing else to do but talk with one another, play games, and just chill! It was a great weekend getaway!

waiting for a bus to hop on!

gotta love public busses!

hand & foot

swimming hole

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