Thursday, May 12, 2011

...Samara Beach, Costa Rica...

So after a drive back around the lake from the volcano we headed to the coast for Playa Sámara! It was about 5 hours away and boy were we glad to get there when we arrived! We stopped a few times along the way, any time we saw something really random or cool (hint to the large picture of the cow). We stayed at a very very cute little place owned by an american couple that just picked up and moved their life to CR and built a hotel on the beach. We spent the first day on the beach all day, the crazy sun-loving gringas were the only ones laying in the sun - all the ticos (CRicans) were under the palm trees watching us burn, haha. Every night we ventured into town and tried out some tripadvisor suggestions - we were never let down! PS _ i love trip advisor now! 

monkeys at our hotel stopped by to say HI
The next day we headed to a different beach to look for Pablo and Cristian, a couple of guys who put up a sign and teach ppl how to surf! They were really great, and got me and Steph up on the surf boards pretty quick! I was really surprised by how easy it was, I always thought it would be difficult. So we surfed for another hour more after our lesson on and off b/c we were getting tired and rash burns on our arms/legs, haha. Then we headed back to get ready for dinner - we found a great place right on the beach with some great american food - another trip advisor winner! haha. The next day we were suppose to leave but Pablo told us we could come back at high tide at 8am and surf some more for free before we left - so we took him up on that! Woke up early early, had a couple cups of coffee and some fruit and went back down to the beach. 

After that we had to hit the road to catch our flight which was leaving around 7pm from the capital (another 5 hours away!) So we did some more driving- we did A LOT of driving throughout CR, but it was all fun and exciting, not like a boring road trip where all the interstates and exits look the same - I enjoyed it. You gotta stay on your toes as well being a driver, because driving rules are NOT the same here! AHHHHHH Costa Rica was sooo amazing, we had such a great time and got to see 3 very different "faces" of the country - loved every single minute of it and I was so glad to get to go with Steph and her mom, they were a blast!

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